Foundations of marketing on social networks


5  bases of Marketing on social networks that should always be taken into account are:


1. Integration

Social networks should not be considered as something isolated and different, separated from the rest of the marketing actions, but it must be something more in the overall strategy of the company and therefore it must reflect the social channels of the company in all those places where possible


We have to apply the greatest number of shares in all social media where possible. 2.0 Actions should not be limited to any format in particular, they must open up to all that which is used to promote the brand.

Example: If usually performs actions of email marketing; can be integrated in the a counter for example twitter so readers can retweet content or share it directly on your wall of Facebook because has greater visibility.

 3. Re-use

We must try to leverage what they already this fact and use the “recycling of content” for the benefit of the brand and adapt that content in other formats.

4.Lead Generation

Many people want to find potential customers using social networks, but few manage to effectively.

The “trick” to generate potential customers lays in offer something valuable to the attention them or are interesting

Example: a company reports offer 2 x 1 that there are restaurants in the city and makes it through facebook or twitter. The person who comes out any night for dinner is very possible that you follow this company, because this contributing something of value.


5. Last but not least…….. Learning!


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