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Jailbreak para dispositivos con iOS 9.3.5


El jailbreak de Phoenix que ha sido publicadoya hace algun tiempo para iOS 9.3.5 es compatible con todos los dispositivos iOS de 32 bits que se ejecutan en este firmware. No funciona con dispositivos de 64 bits, ya que utiliza una vulnerabilidad que sólo está presente en dispositivos de que trabajan a 32 bits. En este tutorial, le mostraremos cómo jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 en dispositivos de 32 bits que utilizan el jailbreak de Phoenix.

Dispositivos compatibles con este jailbreak

Este jailbreak sólo admite dispositivos de 32 bits, que incluyen:

iPhone 4S
Jailbreak disponible para dispositivos con 32 bits

– IPhone 5
– IPhone 5C
– IPhone 4S
– IPod Touch 5
– IPad 2
– IPad 3
– IPad 4
– IPad Mini 1

Como ya hemos dicho anteriormente, los dispositivos que trabajen a 64 bits no son compatibles con el jailbreak de Phoenix.

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Foundations of marketing on social networks


5  bases of Marketing on social networks that should always be taken into account are:


1. Integration

Social networks should not be considered as something isolated and different, separated from the rest of the marketing actions, but it must be something more in the overall strategy of the company and therefore it must reflect the social channels of the company in all those places where possible

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The myth of ‘The Cave’

What people in this situation would take for truth would be nothing but the shadows of manufactured objects’

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This statement makes allusion to the allegory of the cave. In this case Plato makes reference to the cave we all live in. Is the world of shadows; the world of our own reality. It is to believe that this assertion makes mention to our own perception of this world is not very brightly. At a simply view we can tell that ‘real’ is described as experiences in which we can smell, touch, see and feel; everything that leads to our senses; in this scenario reality is everything we do when we are awake and conscious. The truth of what we believe real when we are trapped inside the cave is described as “dark as a tunnel without lights.” There is only a bright of light at the end, which allow us to see some shadows and some objects that we will say and believe they are real; even when they are not. Therefore, even when we are inside this darkness, how is possible to realize that we are deep in the shadows? I mean; there is a reality without these shadows we live on that we had never seen. The main issue that Plato put into consideration is that we don’t know until what level we have certainty or knowledge about “the world as it really is and not as we think it is”. It is believed that the main purpose in the allegory was to illustrate the perception of objects as we describe them as genuine when in reality they are not.

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