Integration of Social Networks (how to)

social netwoks

Having presence in social networks these days is vital for every company, here some how’s to and why:

Why having a presence on social networks?

-communicate content to existing and new customers

-work with companies and related persons

-create a community of followers

-to involve clients in the development of the business

In a nutshell, the presence of companies on social networks improves the opportunities of business, profitability and its permanence in the market.

Types of social networks

Publications: they are platforms that allow us to share content with employees, customers, or any person, in such a way that a value is provided in the content that is published.

Example: share the powerpoints from presentations and conferences that made the company. An option to do this is to use Slideshare.

Examples of publications:

-blogger – slideshare wordpress wikia

Photos: feasible performance of photos since cad day acquire more value the Visual ccontenidos. Photos are great way to promote a brand.

Examples of photographs:

-flickr – picasa – zoomr – twitxr – smugmug – photobucket

Audio: There are plenty of platforms such as itunes with great sound on hundreds of themes documentation.


iTunes – rhapsody – podbean

Videos: the video marketing is gaining weight over time and they are some of the media that most they have grown in recent years… If a picture is worth more than thousand words, a video is worth more than…


-youtube – metacafe – vimeo – viddler – hulu – google video

Microblogging: to express yourself in less than 140 characters, it is simple, direct, concrete

examples: twitter – plurk twitxr

Other: video games and productivity applications


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