Organization of work on social network (tips)

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Some companies create a page on FB or twitter to help the company online precense therefore the Social Media plan is created but what often happens is that the results are not good.
The cause is the lack of organisation and defining a strategy that will work online.
Before doing any work, should be planned Social Marketing campaign based on a marked time and resources are available (economic, material and human).
Also need to analyze the results obtained or implement new corrective measures. Now, I am going to expose some tips that may help yourself or your company to generate more leads.

For an adequate organization is:
-Hear – plan – create commitment – to measure and evaluate and defining a new routine.

1 Listen
Make a first testing of the perception of the brand among customers, is one of the more important when developing a Social Media Plan, since it will help to focus the strategy on the right side.
In the definition of any marketing strategy, one of the main keys to success is empathy, i.e. to know sit or stand in the place of customers and think like them; Since it helps to know directly his opinion.

2. Plan the strategy
Consists of defining how it will do, and so the most simple is to ask yourself:
-That want that this company in social networks?
Do-goals you want to achieve with the campaign?
Do-encourages clients to participate?
-Like haver which customers can share the information?
Do-resources are needed?
-As they measured the results?

Providing response to each of these questions, you will have prepared a draft to find out the strategy to develop.

3. Create commitment
A successful campaign carries with it a commitment by the company’s employees, it is advisable to give them a small training that will help them understand better how to use social networks for the benefit of the company
In this aspect, it is take advantage of the current situation for the benefit of the company, have there resides one of the pillars of a solid business strategy in social networks.

4 Measure and evaluate
Do-which actions have been more successful?
Do-have a presence on social networks has increased the degree of customer satisfaction?
Do-this resulting cost-effective quantitative and qualitative level at which this company on social networks?

We must remember that the actions on social networks are not only marketing campaigns, if not based on the use of new channels to facilitate the building of relationships with customers in order to improve our business.
Now, on this basis we have to analyse things estanfuncionando or not as expected. If not so, must investigate which may be the reason that causes this and define corrective measures to change the situation.

5. Define a routine
One of the things most difficult is to get is enough for this time.
An example of a routine is shown below to understand how work can be integrated into social networks in the working day.

Two times a day:
-Check twitter via tweetdeck: look at messages and reply to any message that you have
-Responding to the comments of the blog: review and reply the message.

-Write a post on the blog
-search profiles of twitter who believe conversation and interest to follow
-revise any information of the company or its products online
-collaborate leaving comments on other blogs
-revise the area of questions and answers on linkedin

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