About me/ Quien soy

GlobalinfoBlog is an interactive multilingual informative blog. It aims to provide and receive information in different topics such as International Relations, Politics, Marketing, Social Media, Hacking IOS and other common-knowledge subjects. It mainly uses Spanish and English languages. GlobalInfoBlog was created in Reading UK (05-12-2011) under the name: http://www.globalinfoblog.com


About Daniel Losada 

Bacherlor of Arts (BA) in Politics and International Relations at The University of Reading (UK). Marketing Experienced. EN/ES. Alicante, Spain.

Follow me: @Dlosada85 

information or enquiries please email: daniel.losada.b@gmail.com

Or, if you prefer call:+34678379107 

www.marketingdl.com                                                                        www.dltraduccion.com


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