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Los nuevos pasaportes británicos tras el ‘brexit’ se harán en Francia

En Diciembre del 2017, la primera ministra británica Theresa May ha anunciado que tras el ‘brexit’ el pasaporte británico, que calificó como un “símbolo de nuestra independencia y soberanía” dejaría de ser borgoña, el color recomendado por la Unión Europea, para recuperar el icónico azul que se usó en el país entre 1920 y 1988.


Los nuevos pasaportes, sin embargo, serán hechos por la compañía franco-holandesa Gemalto, con sede en París, lo que ha provocado la indignación de muchos. El primero en quejarse ha sido Martin Sutherland, director de De La Rue, la empresa británica encargada de la producción de los pasaportes actuales, que ha perdido la contrata para los nuevos documentos.

Icono británico

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Marbella 2013


One week ago I had the chance to travel to this gorgeous place called Marbella, just 2 hours and 40 minutes away for Gatwick airport in London. So, here I will tell a bit about my experience.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the blue sky and sunny weather!!! can you believe it? just 2 hours away from London and then everything is so different. Of course in Malaga they speak spanish so they have this particular cheeky accent which makes me feels at home.
As soon as I get out the airport I looked for jamon iberico the bellota right there next to the airport where I tried this popular ham made from nuts feed pigs.

In my trip the weather stayed between 24 and 28 degrees. My starting point was San Pedro de Alcantara which is near to the coast and nearest to the sea. I mean the amount of sea food I had was absolutely brilliant!!! and fresh!!! plus the prices were good.

We went around Marbella and Costa del Sol which is a really posh place, a lot of luxuries to enjoy, discover and see. Common names around there were: Armani, Gucci, Rolex, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many many more but indeed the best thing is the beach.
The sand is so soft and white, plus the air is so fresh. Theres almost no pollution. The water was quite cold but nothing like in the UK. I really enjoyed it
and widely recommend it.

Here are some pics of my trip!!! enjoy

100’s amazing places, one World.

I just selected some amazing places to go and decided to share it with the world. For me it brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm happiness. ENJOY!!!!

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