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El mensaje de Carmen Hermosillo aka “Humdog” escrito en 1994 que acertadamente predijo lo que serían las Redes Sociales de hoy día.



En 1994 el Internet estaba empezando a convertirse en un medio masivo de comunicación. La mayoría de las personas pensaban que iba a generar una nueva cultura, más libre, mejor informada y una economía y un poder más descentralizado. Esto es lo que hacen las redes, se decía, distribuyen la información, el capital y el poder. Se sentía el entusiasmo utópico en el aire, ciertamente conectado con una sensación similar en los 60, donde la contracultura se imaginaba que iba a cambiar al mundo y que se acercaba una revolución a través del individualismo y la autoexpresión. Y, de hecho, muchas de las ideas de los hippies fueron centrales para lanzar la nueva era electrónica -y algunos de sus principales actores, como Tim Leary-, defendían el Internet como la nueva gran expansión de la conciencia.

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Use of the main Social Networks (Part I)



It is one of the most recognized names in social networks.

Tools that drive social networks have numerous applications for the business development of any business these days.

Networking has always been an important marketing tool that over time has evolved in different channels and situations, but  the essence is still the same. People like to do business with other people, not companies, and under this mentality can generate business opportunities.

Then breaks down the business use of Facebook and the 3 main routes to obtain benefits with its use.

To day of today many small companies lack still’s own website, and have decided to go without it, but that does not mean that they do not have presence in internet. They have decided to create a page of ‘fans’ and from there to inform its customers.

Is which the best way to approach a business Facebook?

First thing is to create personal profile on FB and complete with all possible details.
Once the profile is created when creating page of followers to the interpretation being the administrator such main page, then start sharing information so increase the number of followers.

The system will allow or not fans write on the wall. If it is allowed, should be careful with what is said to prevent offensive messages and answer to those who raise questions.

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Tools for the analysis of Social Media



Tools to measure actions on social networks there are thousands, both pay as free, but is it worthwhile to hire payment tools?
It all depends on the level of information required, since certain business requirements Yes make needed more comprehensive tools, but for the vast majority of companies, with the existing free tools provides enough information to measure actions in Social Media.
To facilitate the work and avoid having to be looking online what there are, are summarized below the main tools categorized by channels.
It is a free tool that allows to analyze results of applications-level demographics, target,…
Facebook and Twitter

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