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Apple iOS 8.4 Jailbreak, Actualización, Noticias: iOS 8.4.1 Podría Arruinar El Último Jailbreak


No pasó mucho tiempo para que la comunidad jailbreak lanzara un jailbreak para el iOS 8.4. Poco después de iOS 8.4 fue lanzado, se creó un jailbreak funcional, pero pronto podría verse amenazado, según Gizmodo.

Apple ya está trabajando en iOS 8.4.1. La versión beta ha salido y la versión final llegará pronto. Con iOS 8.4.1, Apple podría arreglar el jailbreak creado para iOS 8.4 y rápidamente apagar la fiesta de la comunidad jailbreak.

La versión beta de iOS 8.4.1 fue lanzada apenas dos semanas después de que iOS 8.4 salió. iOS 8.4 abordó algunos errores e hizo algunas mejoras en el rendimiento del sistema operativo, pero también presentó el nuevo servicio de streaming Apple Music para los usuarios de iOS por primera vez.

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Top 10 Best Cydia Sources/Repos 2014


It is a well-known fact that almost any version of the Apple proprietary operating system, also known as iOS can now be jailbreaked, and that after the jailbreak procedure is complete, third part app platforms can now be installed. One of the well-known and efficient is Cydia. Lots of users install it, but then they hit a psychological wall: what apps, games and tweaks they can install, and more importantly, where can they get it from? Just add some cydia sources in the manage section and your are ready to search and download the desired cydia app.

BigBoss – No.1 Cydia Repo/Source

First of all you need to know that in order to download and install cracked Cydia apps, you need to have configured repositories that are actually a sort of online hubs where developers can post their content. Finding the right repositories for your device, is a different matter, since not all app sources can be trusted to provide you with the best content out there, and choosing the wrong content for your device may have dramatic consequences that could end up with bricking your gadget.

Make your iOS 6 look like iOS 7 – Cydia Apps

I’ve taken the liberty to compile a short list of Cydia repositories for you to read and choose from according to your needs. Remember: adding all the repositories you can find can and will slow down your Cydia app, making its use harder and slower.

1. SiNful iPhone is one of the Cydia repos that has a growing community of no less than 3000k users, provides with forums and support for its users and is becoming the leading source for high quality cracked Cydia apps. Simply put is the actual best free source for high quality Cydia apps. To add this repository, enter Cydia/APT URL: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com.

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