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Jailbreak para dispositivos con iOS 9.3.5


El jailbreak de Phoenix que ha sido publicadoya hace algun tiempo para iOS 9.3.5 es compatible con todos los dispositivos iOS de 32 bits que se ejecutan en este firmware. No funciona con dispositivos de 64 bits, ya que utiliza una vulnerabilidad que sólo está presente en dispositivos de que trabajan a 32 bits. En este tutorial, le mostraremos cómo jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 en dispositivos de 32 bits que utilizan el jailbreak de Phoenix.

Dispositivos compatibles con este jailbreak

Este jailbreak sólo admite dispositivos de 32 bits, que incluyen:

iPhone 4S
Jailbreak disponible para dispositivos con 32 bits

– IPhone 5
– IPhone 5C
– IPhone 4S
– IPod Touch 5
– IPad 2
– IPad 3
– IPad 4
– IPad Mini 1

Como ya hemos dicho anteriormente, los dispositivos que trabajen a 64 bits no son compatibles con el jailbreak de Phoenix.

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iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s new?


iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s new?

iOS 8’s Search feature is one that we find ourselves using quite often, and has come a long way since the pre-iOS 7 days. In iOS 8, you can use Search to search Wikipedia, find the latest news, nearby places, apps from the App Store, songs from the iTunes Store and suggested websites, as well as your contacts, messages, emails and notes. Siri and Search are about to get a lot better in iOS 9.

The company apparently wants to offer a range of additional information and features based on the users habits and an understanding of context, making your iPhone a “proactive assistant”. Search will also display categories of nearby places including food, drink, shopping and fun. You’ll also be served with trending news story based on your current location so you’re always in the loop.

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