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Is it possible to defeat all sceptical doubts relating to our knowledge of the external world?

The debate about if it is possible to defeat sceptical doubts have been debated in Philosophy for long time since. The reason claims that we cannot know for sure about all the things that surround us. This essay will discuss Is it possible to defeat all sceptical doubts relating to our knowledge of the external world?

At a first view everything I do appears to be real. I define real all the things I do while I am awake. Reality is therefore defined as everything we can have an idea of. For example If I tell than an object have 4 legs we imagine or tend to imagine a wide range of objects or animals with 4 legs; but if I say chair then you picture any kind of 4 leg element with this description. In reality the same happens; reality is showed as a picture that I can sense, smell, touch, and hear but never ever be sure that is real. The reason is we don’t know. And the more we dig in the more certainty we can assure this acknowledge.

“ for anything anyone believes there are equals powerful reasons for believe the opposite” So live without opinions”   -Pyrrho

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The myth of ‘The Cave’

What people in this situation would take for truth would be nothing but the shadows of manufactured objects’

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This statement makes allusion to the allegory of the cave. In this case Plato makes reference to the cave we all live in. Is the world of shadows; the world of our own reality. It is to believe that this assertion makes mention to our own perception of this world is not very brightly. At a simply view we can tell that ‘real’ is described as experiences in which we can smell, touch, see and feel; everything that leads to our senses; in this scenario reality is everything we do when we are awake and conscious. The truth of what we believe real when we are trapped inside the cave is described as “dark as a tunnel without lights.” There is only a bright of light at the end, which allow us to see some shadows and some objects that we will say and believe they are real; even when they are not. Therefore, even when we are inside this darkness, how is possible to realize that we are deep in the shadows? I mean; there is a reality without these shadows we live on that we had never seen. The main issue that Plato put into consideration is that we don’t know until what level we have certainty or knowledge about “the world as it really is and not as we think it is”. It is believed that the main purpose in the allegory was to illustrate the perception of objects as we describe them as genuine when in reality they are not.

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El poder de la paz

Estar  en paz es estar en tranquilidad con nuestro ser interior. Estar en paz es algo que suena sencillo porque algunos argumentan que consiste en un estado de reposo. Otros argumentan que paz es un estado de no-guerra. De cualquier de estas dos formas es de pensar que la búsqueda de la paz es algo tan propio y personal como nuestras huellas dactilares.

Cuando veo videos en Youtube relacionados al tema de la paz interior, los exponentes tienen varias características similares que he logrado notar: son altamente espirituales; esto quiere decir que el apego a las cosas materiales es bajo (no se les ve con ipods o hablando de Internet). También he notado que son altamente positivistas a nivel personal. Lo más interesante que puedo enfatizar es que no dicen nada nuevo que no hayamos oído antes; lo que ocurre es que la rutina del día a día nos hace olvidar aquéllas cosas que contribuyen a la grandeza espiritual y desarrollo de la paz interna personal. A la final; ellos creen y afirman una y otra vez; que el desarrollo espiritual y personal contribuye significativamente a lograr la paz interna, la cual a su vez contribuye a la externa. En su contra, he notado que no hablan de religión, guerra, odio y otros aspectos negativos. Me gustaría saber como justifican esto.

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