Phone Pen Testing Tools without Jailbreaking


Although you can get almost any security tool imaginable if you jailbreak your iPhone, I was curious what was out there for non-jailbroken iPhones. Given that my iPhone is setup to be my primary home and work device, I don’t want risk jailbreaking it. I’ve searched around on iTunes and across the interwebs for anything we could find and below is a list of what I came up with so far. To make the list more manageable we’ve tried to categorise them per the ISSAF framework. If an app fell into more then one group, we placed it in the earliest phase. With some exceptions I also didn’t include ones that haven’t been updated in the last year.

Information Gathering

Deep Whois ~ Lookup IPs, Domains, IDNs, ASNs ($1.99 from Pavel Ahafonau; thanks to @wimremes for recommending)
JaNet – Network Tools ($1.99 from Michele Nucci)
zTools – Network Utility ($1.99 from 0×557 Team)
Network Mapping

IP Network Scanner ($9.99 from 10base-t interactive; free version too)
iNet Pro – Network Scanner ($5.99 from BananaGlue GmbH; free version too)
Scany ~ Network and Port Scanner, Traceroute, Ping, Whois, Wake on LAN ($5.99 from Pavel Ahafonau)
LANScan ($0.99 from Nutec Network Tools, LLC)
Net Master – IT Tools & LAN Scanner ($5.99 from Nutec Apps, LLC)
Fing – Network Scanner (free from Overlook Soft)
SetnetInsight – Scan & Manage Your Wi-Fi Networks ($3.99 from BluesWine, Inc.)
Vulnerability Identification

zScan Pro ($2.99 from 0×557 Team)

Nada (Have any ideas? Let me know in the comments below.)

iSSH – SSH / VNC Console ($9.99 from Zinger-Soft)
SSH Term Pro ($4.99 from Moon Technolabs)
zateInet (free from zaTelnet)

Wickr – Secure IM & Multimedia Sharing (free from Wickr, LLC)
Silent Phone (free but requires service subscription from Silent Circle)
Silent Text (free but requires service subscription from Silent Circle)
Burner – Disposable Phone Numbers (free but requires in-app credit purchases from Ad Hoc Labs, Inc)


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