Use of the main Social Networks (Part II)



It is a phenomenon of online video
It is true it is the biggest traffic on Internet comes from videos.
Having videos on the web increases 4 times the time users spent on a web page.
One of the advantages of properly leverage social video networks to promote business is that it will increase the traffic to the website is considerably.
Video marketing on youtube
Some benefits are:
-Access to a trend with little competition
-reach thousands of people in snapshot
-visibility on Google
-Quick results
-Increase the traffic on the web
Increase credibility and become the market leader
-Get an instant confidence of the target audience
It is a professional niche social networking site. LinkedIn is a good tool to reach people specifies, not so good for the mass market broadcasting. If you want to reach 10 million people, then this is not the best way. However, if you want to reach people specific if.
Also as a tool can determine “what you need to know” to achieve their goals.
It is important to remember that this tool is not intended to be a mass-market platform. However, you get very interesting results for commercialization in specific sectors.

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