How much is a fan worth on Facebook?

To answer this question there are companies that have done different analysis and some say that the value of a fan on FB is 4 euros while others say 78 euros.
Now is the time to raise the question about how you can know the value the fan on FB.
In this case, you can use one formula created by the American company, Fanscape, called SRV (social relationship value) which allows to know the value economic of a fan for the company, which is also applicable to any type of business.
First highlight the relationship that exists between database of emails and social networks, since one of objectives to make a sustainable business is to teach the product to the customer, motivate you to buy it and keep you interested in order to get a loyalty.
There are market studies which say that an increase of 5% in customer loyalty can improve profitability by 65 %

It is essential to have a value of business relationships with customers in social networks, since it has been demonstrated that an effective campaign, permanently and well directed on Facebook Gets increase sales, Word of mouth and the loyalty of the customers.
Then; How much is a fan worth in euro’s Facebook page?
There is a promotional action within FB allowing to study the results obtained to know the value specific fan for the business.
The steps of the process are:
1. you create a promotion and is offered a discount
2. are counted how many fans have taken advantage of the discount
3. are calculated how much revenue been generated the freeloaders countdown
4. subsequently tracked to know how many of these fans returned after the promotion and bought the new product.
5. Now enter the previous data about the business and measured how much is spent each person on average in their life in the product.
6. Combine both data and you may know how much will spend the new fans in the business throughout his life, providing an idea of its value to the business.
Number of likes and fans: determine the total number of “likes” on the official website of FB. It is best done on the social network that has more movement.
Conversion or redemption rate of promotion: following the social network chosen, should be aware of regarding the promotion made conversion rate.
Average gross profit per transaction: this data must indicate the average profit for each operation
Costumer lifetime value: economic value of the lifetime of each customer

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