Use of the main Social Networks (Part I)



It is one of the most recognized names in social networks.

Tools that drive social networks have numerous applications for the business development of any business these days.

Networking has always been an important marketing tool that over time has evolved in different channels and situations, but  the essence is still the same. People like to do business with other people, not companies, and under this mentality can generate business opportunities.

Then breaks down the business use of Facebook and the 3 main routes to obtain benefits with its use.

To day of today many small companies lack still’s own website, and have decided to go without it, but that does not mean that they do not have presence in internet. They have decided to create a page of ‘fans’ and from there to inform its customers.

Is which the best way to approach a business Facebook?

First thing is to create personal profile on FB and complete with all possible details.
Once the profile is created when creating page of followers to the interpretation being the administrator such main page, then start sharing information so increase the number of followers.

The system will allow or not fans write on the wall. If it is allowed, should be careful with what is said to prevent offensive messages and answer to those who raise questions.

Applications on FB

These are basically programs that can be installed on such a page so take advantage of their capabilities.

Within the applications used for business this FBML. This application allows you to create a new tab with the name that you want and integrate them code HTML, or in other words, you can integrate external to facebook within an information page as for example a store online or the publication of an offer.

Other interesting applications are:

Static FBML: is especially a tool that allows you to add in the profile of the fans page HTML codes, which is may include information both in text as images. To be able to interact in it just add the application in the fans page. You can add boxes or new tabs with information that interest the most.

Promotions: This app allows you to create easily a fan page contests and sweepstakes to share between users. Is a dynamic app and to use it an account must be created in (is paid)

YouTube channel: displays in Youtube Channel page fans and integrate the videos directly and automatically. This app is great since it allows to integrate videos on the FB page.

Poll: allows you to create surveys in the fan page in order to get feedback from users. It is very simple and easy to use.


It is a free micro-blogging service.
Although it is very simple, admittedly at the beginning must be adapted to fully understand its operation.
To find out its operation, the first thing to ask yourself is how twitter can help to achieve the objectives of the company.

It is important to know the terminology used and familiar with these words.
-Tweet: is a message 140 characters maximum that is sent or received.
-Followers: are the followers users account and that is you appear tweets written
-Following: are the users that follow
-Replies: this refers to the response of the messages that are written
-Retweet: it consists of sharing a tweet
-Dm: is a private message that is sent

Ideas to get more number of tweets

-ask questions to customers
-share news about the company
-conduct surveys

The next question to consider is how to get followers. No doubt this is one of the goals more difficult to achieve.
This is basic having patience and not try to go more quickly than it is and use some techniques such as:
-offer discounts and promotions to fans
-use it as a channel for attention to customer


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