Tools for the analysis of Social Media



Tools to measure actions on social networks there are thousands, both pay as free, but is it worthwhile to hire payment tools?
It all depends on the level of information required, since certain business requirements Yes make needed more comprehensive tools, but for the vast majority of companies, with the existing free tools provides enough information to measure actions in Social Media.
To facilitate the work and avoid having to be looking online what there are, are summarized below the main tools categorized by channels.
It is a free tool that allows to analyze results of applications-level demographics, target,…
Facebook and Twitter

It is a desktop program that allows you to directly manage Facebook and Twitter accounts


It helps to discover and follow conversations on Twitter and Facebook

Real time Twitter search engine


To know what people are talking about on Twitter


Monitoring of real time hashtags

It helps to know what they are saying the company on Twitter, and alerts by email.


It monitors chains of searches on Twitter and know their level of valuation.

It seeks to post on a particular subject.


It allows to monitor conversations on a topic or Word/as determined in Internet


It allows to monitor conversations on a topic or Word/as determined only in forums.


Search consumer conversations in social settings

Search Google groups for different themes.

“Noise” on the Internet (Buzz)


View searches in time real in social networks, and also has a widget that keeps you informed about what is more fashionable and more talk in the network


It discusses the importance of a social media web

You know the visibility of the brand/company online

You know quickly what is said in different social media company.


Graphically shows the “noise” that makes a term on the Internet
Discover what brand or products in social channels.
Web traffic


Free web traffic monitoring tool. Essential.

Search for videos related to the brand/company/product.


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