Actions on Social Networks

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere


Defining the target

The monitoring of actions on social networks is positive, but it is necessary to define which is the goal to be pursued to obtain. For example:

-You want to monitor because you need to know when it says something about the company on the Internet, either positive or negative.
-You want to be able to respond quickly
-You want to monitor words related to the sector in order to interact with potential customers and know what is said about them on the net.
-All of the above and some more

In conclusion, having a final target help to follow the right path, using the tools that more interest and ultimately make the actions in Social Media more effective.


The first to be monitored is the name of the company, name of the products and services marketed, keyword sector and own competition to keep up to date also which is said for his part

Contingency plan

It should develop a contingency plan, as you have to be prepared for everything, and that includes to begin to speak negatively of mark for some reason.

For this reason, it must have prepared a contingency plan, to know in time to respond to such situations.
It is best to consider several situations problems that could happen and define the respective procedures where one day happen.



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