Measurement of Strategy on Social Networks


Measurement phases are the most important in any business strategy. Social actions must measure whether the money invested is profitable or not, i.e. knowing the ROI (Return On Investment) whose formula is:

ROI (%) = benefits-cost x 100 (divided in costs)

But in the case of social media should also integrate a new concept of results measurement called IOR (Impact Of Relationship) since this new social environment where moves marketing has turned what was a one-way communication into something multidirectional, where are the users who generate a brand image, so the return on investment must be measured both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

The IOR is a measure based on quantifying the relations of the mark on social networks, as well as their actions, and it does so through 4 guidelines:

1 The marking contents authority: refers to statements that have the brand in other media that are not their own social profiles.


-Number blog mentions

-Number of references in newspapers and online portals

-Use of the mark in presentations or conferences

2. Influence of the brand on social networks: refers to the number of followers and fans marked


-Number fans facebook, twitter etc.

-Number subscribers to the blog, Youtube Channel

3 Participation of followers: refers to any kind of interaction between the followers of the brand itself and its contents.


-Number comments on the blog

-Comments and likes on facebook

-retweet on twitter

Rating and comments on youtube

4 Traffic generated in the social networks to the website of the brand: refers to the number of visitors from social networking day by day and potencially new users.


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