What are social networks?


Social networks are not more than the evolution of the ways of communication. They are based on the creation, collective knowledge and widespread confidence.


Concept of marketing mix

The marketing mixes are the tools that the companies use to implement marketing strategies and achieve the objectives set.

The 4P’s of marketing are:

-Product – Price – Place – Promotion

1. Product

It is any good, service, idea, organization, that offers a market for its acquisition, use or consumption and that meets a need.

The policy of the product includes the study of 4 key elements:

A- Portfolio of products

B- Product differentiation

C- Brand

D- The representation

2. Price

It is the exchange value of the product, determined by the utility or satisfaction derived from the purchase and the use or consumption of the product.

Is distinguished from the rest of the elements of the marketing mix because it is the one that generates revenue (others generate expenses)

To determine the price the company takes into account:

A- Production costs

B-The margin to be obtained

C- Competition

D- Taken Marketing strategies

E – Objectives

3. Distribution

Element of the mix used to get that a product successfully reaches the customer. There are 4 elements that shape the politics of distribution:

A-Channels: refers to the agents involved in the process of moving products, from the supplier to the consumer.

B- The distribution planning: making decisions to implement a systematic as getting products to consumers and agents involved.

C-Physical distribution: forms of transportation, stocks, etc.

D- Merchandising: techniques and actions that are carried out at the point of sale. It consists of the layout and presentation of the product to the establishment, as well as the same advertising.

4. Communications

This aims to spread the message and that this has a response of the public to which it is intended.

The main objectives are:

– Communicate product features

– Communicate the benefits of the product

– That you remember or you buy the brand.

(Communication is not only advertising)

The instruments that make up the mix of communication are: advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion and direct marketing.


There is no element of the mix that stands out above other important: all are equally important.

The marketing mix theory says a product to succeed must create, define a price, relisting and promote it, obviously effectively.

With the emergence of the 2.0 channels and marketing in social networks, these 4 p have begun to be displaced by the 3C’s which is:

-Content – context – community

That is, users who generate large amount of relevant content that is placed in a particular context that leads to establish good connections among like-minded people and which leads to the creation of a community around it, therefore: CONTENT+CONTEXT+CONNEXION+COMMUNITY = Social Networks Marketing


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